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Discover Tuck Software Group, where innovation meets excellence. Explore our mission, vision, and values, steering technological advancement through reliable, cutting-edge software solutions and transformative digital experiences.

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Our Story

Tuck Software Group is a leading force in the technology innovation space.  Led by award-winning founder Dee Tuck, whose lifelong passion for technology brings calm to the most overwhelmed CEOs, TSG delivers bespoke solutions spanning industries from Government to Hollywood. 

No matter where you are in your technology development process, few companies are prepared for all the elements that contribute to a launch. Or how much has to be done afterwards. Whether your project is short or long term,  our extensive expertise will help you plan, design, build and launch your technology products with innovation and efficiency. Our vetted teams integrate with yours to operate effectively as we build long lasting relationships and trusted partners.

We’re easy to work with and never throw around acronyms in an attempt to impress you. We make technology easy to understand. We shorten development time, which in turn saves you money. We supplement your team when needed. We love what we do. We are your only choice when it comes to software solutions.